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Inspiration is a traveling performing arts troupe. The troupe performs its diverse show at various different venues throughout the country. The show consists of an hour of different group numbers, solos, duets, and small group numbers that sing and dance to all genres of music. 



The mission of the group is to use the talents of local children to give back to the community and to give them a professional and exciting performing experience close to home. Inspiration performs at hospitals, nursing homes, fundraisers, They are taught skills that help them in their singing, dancing, and acting careers as well as given an opportunity to "inspire" others with their talents and love of performing. We strive to build confidence nad skills in each of our performers while giving them a safe space to perform. Each child in the Inspiration family is loved, respected, and accepted. 



Our show is 60 minutes long and consists of all sorts of musical genres including Pop, Broadway, and Classic Rock. Solos, duets, group numbers, and all cast numbers are all a part of our high-energy, high talent show! Performance venues typically include Faneuil Hall, Boston Children's Hospital, Canobie Lake Park, Cape Cod, Emerald Square Mall, Patriots Place, Boston Red Sox, community events, and nursing homes. Each season the troupe ends the tour with a travel performance. Past trips have included Disney World, NYC, Universal Studios and Sea World, Virginia Beach, Hershey Park, Cape Cod, and Norwegian Cruise Lines. 



The senior cast consists of boys and girls ages 13-18 from all over Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Cast members are handpicked through an audition process; chosen for exemplary skills in singing, dancing, and acting. Auditions for the 2022 season will take place on September 16, 2021.

​Inspiration JR is a younger version of Inspiration. This troupe is geared for children ages 10-12 who would like to learn more about theater and performing. In this group, they will be taught basic theater terminology and skills to improve their acting, singing, and dancing. They will also learn audition techniques, play theater, and improv games, and learn and perfect a 30-minute show. Registration for Inspiration Jr will be released soon!

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We aim to instill strong values in our performers. Inspiration participates in many community events and community service projects. We have performed at many fundraisers, memorial services, and funerals. Every season we perform at nursing homes and hospitals. We take every opportunity we can to give back to the community we serve.

Auditions September 16th

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