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Sharing the Spotlight
Inspiration Performing Art's Inclusive Theatre Program



"Sharing the Spotlight" is a program offered by Inspiration Performing Arts Company that provides theater opportunities to underserved populations. Our program offers full musical productions for children and young adults with special needs.



Our talented and lovable performers come from all backgrounds, ages, and abilities. The shows are specifically written and adapted to fit the needs of each individual performer so that every participant has the chance to reach their individual goals and have their moment in the spotlight.

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Each of our wonderful volunteers is paired with a participant that they can best assist based on their experience and background. Volunteers of all ages and experiences are welcomed and must complete IPAC's Sharing the Spotlight training program. We are always looking for volunteers with experience working with special needs and theater but appreciate and welcome all volunteers who want to be a part of this amazing program. We are accepting applications for our Fall 2021 program now! 



There are many ways you can support this inclusive program! We are always looking for monetary and in-kind donations, volunteers, sponsors, and services in order to keep the program affordable and accessible to all while maintaining a high caliber of performance quality. 

Parent Testimonials

“I have never been more proud to see how every single person on that stage did last night. We had 22 people there to support not only my son (Jimmy Harrington...the doorman) but every single performer. They were all so proud of each and everyone of them. One of them even came all the way from Chatham to see the performance. I love how every performer was made to feel part of the production. As you all know it can be very difficult to find opportunities like this for our kids but they all proved above and beyond that they can do anything that they set their minds to just given the opportunity. I can’t thank Emily, Kyle, Adam and all of the volunteers who worked so hard and made this awesome opportunity a possibility. We will continue to sign Jimmy up for as many of these productions as offered. It takes a village and I am so proud to be part of this village. -Melissa Harrington”


“Thank you to Emily, Kyle and Adam for just being YOU! ❤️ your love for our kids is evident and heartwarming! Thank you to all the volunteers! Watching you interact with our kids is AWESOME! You are all role models and inspire us all to be better. Our kids LOVE YOU! I also just want to thank every parent for sharing your child with this show because I can’t sleep and can’t stop smiling thinking of each and every one of them!!!! There was not one person (director, volunteer or actor/actress) on that stage tonight that wasn’t INCREDIBLE! I will be forever thankful for all of you giving Jamie (Dorothy 2) this opportunity ❤️She has made so many new friends. I am going to miss seeing all their bright and happy faces! Can’t say enough about Inspiration Performing Arts- other than you inspire us all!!!

Love, Kim Piro (aka Jamie’s Mom)”


“Thank you, thank you, thank you! From the moment I saw how excited the kids were and the how much energy the audience had I knew this would be a truly amazing night! I love how Emily, Kyle, Adam and all of the volunteers let our kids be who they are and shine on stage.  You truly get how important this is us parents.  Thank you for creating this program and for helping our kids week after week.  We know that our kids sometimes come with challenging behaviors at times and we also know that it takes special people to help them and we thank you for your patience.  I came away from that performance with admiration for all of our kids and the volunteers.  I know it was the best play that I have ever seen! I’m still smiling (and laughing) thinking about last night.  We hope to see you all again! Janet -Kyle’s Mom (aka the conductor)”


“Still smiling and beaming from Friday night! Truly an amazing performance by the entire cast of The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz! To Emily, Adam, Kyle and all the volunteers – many thanks for this wonderful opportunity, allowing everyone to shine. Daniel had a fantastic time, loved meeting so many new friends and looked forward to getting together every week. Much Love & Respect to All, Casey Bortolotti, the Wizard’s Mom 😊”


“Davis, the Ozian Flying Crowmonkey, and Zoe, my little volunteer, had the most amazing time and couldn’t wait to come back every week. And I loved my weekly parent chats. Thank you and congratulations to everyone that involved. You all blow me away. I thought the dress rehearsals were pretty amazing and some how you all lifted the bar even higher. Carolyn, Davis and Zoe’s mom.”

“Steven, the Scarecrow, had an amazing time learning about theater and making new friends. We are so proud of him! Thank-you once again Emily, Kyle, Adam and all the wonderful are all amazing! I’m sure our paths will cross again. Betsy”

“We had people fly in from Kentucky and drive from south of Buffalo.  When I asked what they thought - they said it was absolutely worth it.  It was so nice to see all the personalities, it was so much more than I thought it would be.  Thanks to everyone. Carol(mom to the lion)”


“I am beyond impressed by what Sharing the Spotlight has accomplished with our kids. Thank you Emily, Kyle, and Adam for sharing your incredible talents, and to all the volunteers who loved our kids as much as we do. Just. Amazing. Liz Rondeau (aka, Becca’s (munchkin, monkey) mom)”


“I am still smiling this morning & i am sure we will be singing the songs for weeks. to come :) 

Thank you to everyone for making this such a magical & inspirational exoerience.As a parent I couldnt dream of any better experience then this.  I do hope our paths keep crossing -we will miss seeing everyone each week too. So many stars on that stage last night - they all shined⭐️⭐️The show was amazing ! Thank you all again ❤️Dani - E-Vs mom (aka 🎤stealer 😂) have a great weekend!!”


“A big huge thank you to EVERYONE involved!  Staff, volunteers, performers, and parents!  You are all amazing and INSPIRING!  It was such a great experience for Sarah, too! Hope our paths cross again and again! ❤️ Lisa Kerr (BKA  Sarah’s mom)”

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