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COVID-19 Safety

Safety is our number one concern at IPAC. We have developed a comprehensive COVID-19 prevention plan for our casts and crews that has proven to be successful. We follow all Massachusetts and Rhode Island safety protocols and CDC Guidelines.

*We are monitoring the guidelines and will announce protocols for each individual event. 


Some of our precautions have included:

*Mask mandate

*Frequent industrial building sanitation 

*COVID testing 

*Hand sanitizer breaks built into the schedule

*Temperature checks and daily symptom surveys  

*Contact tracing/sympyom surveys

*Outdoor rehearsals whenever possible

*Mandatory COVID education training for staff and crew

We require that all elligable peformers, volunteers, and staff be fully vaccinated in order to participate in our programs. For questions or info please contact us. 

For more information about our COVID-safety implementation please contact

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